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Ways to Save Water 
Most people use the flush the toilet 2.5 times a day. Considering a low flow toilet can still provide a powerful flush and save up to 70% on toilet water use. The benefits are that they fill up sooner, they're quieter and have a nicer look that the older toilets. 

ENERGY STAR approved front loading washing machines will save you both water and reduce your electrical bill. Make sure to wash full loads.

A low flow shower head will work effectively even under low water pressures. Save gallons of water by installing a low flow shower head, which will also save money in the heating costs of your water.

A flow restrictor in your bathroom faucets can save you a considerable amount of water. Sensor faucets are also available that will shut off automatically when not in use. 

Toilets, faucets and showers, and irrigation systems can all be a problem. Routinely checking for leaks can save a lot of water.

The simple pleasure of a relaxing bath is even better when you are saving water. Fill up the tub, get in, and enjoy! To save hot water, don't leave the hot water running; just turn it on to heat up the bath up as needed, and turn it off again when the water is reheated.

The most important thing to do is always run full loads! Pre-rinsing dishes before running them throught the dishwasher uses the same amount of water as washing the dishes twice, so only do this if absolutely necessary. If you always have to pre-rinse, it may be time for a new dishwasher! Always make sure that a new dishwasher is ENERGY STAR approved.

For. ex.Irrigation, Washing Vehicles, Hosing Down Patios.

Contact us for a free consultation on how to make your home or business more water efficient and save you money too!